What is clean beauty

In a world where pollution and stress are taking a big part of everyone’s life, our skin is what suffers the most and shows the most visible results. To add to a better lifestyle, as well as contribute to saving the environment and helping out with the pollution, many cosmetic brands have turned to a new direction and approach in their production which is called clean beauty.

Clean beauty comes as a new branch of the cosmetic industry that is creating clean products. This means that they have gone through the entire process, from manufacturing to the shelves in the stores, through a clean approach, clean ingredients, and clean process. The term clean in the process of clean beauty refers to several aspects, but the most important one is that is free of chemicals. Contrary to the popular products that are chemically derived, clean beauty offers products that come entirely from ingredients and processes that do not include chemicals. These chemicals are known to be toxic both to the human body and eventually to the environment too. Some of them are even considered cancer-causing agents.

The four main aspects that the clean beauty covers are:


The clean beauty industry stands strong against using animal-derived ingredients and by-products, as well as testing on animals.


All of the ingredients used in the process of manufacturing and making the products come from safe ingredients, without infused chemicals, and are safe for use.


The organic component of clean beauty refers to the use of ingredients that come directly from nature. They are organic, safe to use, without the addition of any chemicals, and they are carefully chosen so that the skin can enjoy the truest benefits of the plants and nature.


Safe use refers to the safe process of manufacturing. This not only involves the manufacturing plants and no chemicals used but simply caring for nature, the environment, and the animal world, without causing pollution from the production and use of the products.

With all that in mind, it is more than evident that clean beauty is slowly taking over the entire cosmetic process and market. So far, clean beauty products have presented wonderful results. These results include no skin irritation and better skin prevention, better skin tone and are much safer to use. Safe use refers to all those who are taking care and paying attention to what they are putting on their face and body.  The safe ingredients from the clean beauty prevent any harm from happening and make the entire cosmetic process more pleasant and comfortable.

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