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Caring for yourself means carrying for the environment too. Especially now, when we live in such challenging times that put all the humanity to test. Raising awareness and becoming knowledgeable about the public good and caring for nature is not something new, however, they come out now as much accentuated.

Especially in the beauty and cosmetics department, the care for the environment and for what we put onto our skin and in our bodies has never been greater. With a special accent on clean beauty, safe ingredients, and natural products, Lemon & Co. was founded as a vision to add to those principles.

Lemon & Co. is the new shining and aspiring Canadian star on the clean beauty sky. Inspired to make a change, with a mission to deliver the best skincare products with the highest quality, Lemon & Co. is starting its journey into the clean beauty world by promoting and empowering Canadian made products. What comes as significant is the entire cruelty-free and organic approach.

As a brand that promotes clean beauty products and supports the others out there, Lemon & Co. carries different brands in its offer, but similar to their mission and vision for clean beauty. The brands that are part of the Lemon & Co. are fellow clean beauty labels such as Kyrios Aroma, Roxi + Rouge, The Bath Bomb Co, and many more local ones.

The idea to gather fellow brands under the clean beauty umbrella of Lemon & Co. is an excellent pointer of how taking care and supporting the local business goes a long way. With the motto of “Show local, support Local” Lemon & Co. is determined to make its contribution to the clean beauty market.

Clean beauty truly has its perks, and its benefits are exquisite and amazing. All of the products that come from Lemon & Co. offer show the perfect mixture of the healthy and the modern. The organic and naturally-derived ingredients as well as their sourcing beautifully combine with the modern approach and development of new skincare products. And all of that is done with caution, caring for the environment, saving the animals and the planet, and without using any chemicals.

Now is the right time to become part of the Lemon & Co. clean beauty movement. Feel the benefits of nature directly onto your skin, in the best and purest form.

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