Holy Grail of Skincare: Plankton Extract

When you hear the word “plankton,” what probably comes to mind is the one-eyed, capsule-like creature in SpongeBob SquarePants, Sheldon J. Plankton. Cute. But to be accurate, planktons are marine floaters. They are microscopic organisms that go with the flow of the sea current, and they pack loads of nutrients!

In the beauty industry, however, plankton extract is worshiped. It is the holy grail of skincare as it holds the key to a youthful, flawless complexion. This is why many skincare brands are now touting Plankton as the star ingredient in their products.

Why Plankton Extract?     

Plankton extracts contain many properties considered beneficial to the skin. For one, it is high on zinc, which is responsible for regenerating our skin cells. It has antibacterial properties, too, which keeps those nasty zits away.

Plankton extracts are also carriers of big amounts of fatty acids that make up healthy cells. They are also natural moisturizers, and so they provide—and lock—deep moisture in the skin.  


Another major reason why cosmetics brands add plankton extract in their beauty products is that it’s safe to use even for those who have sensitive skin. Therefore, you can spot this magical ingredient in serums, makeups, creams, and lotions.       


1.     Antioxidants – Plankton extract contains antioxidants that shield your skin from free radicals such as UV radiation, sun, cigarette smoke, blue light, and other irritants. You already know that exposure to free radicals is one of the reasons for premature aging of the skin.

2.     Rejuvenating Power – Dirt and pollutants can wreak havoc on the skin’s ability to produce collagen, and this is where plankton extract comes to the rescue. Like a superhero, it combats these oxidants and rejuvenates our skin. The result? Plumper, healthy-looking, and radiant skin.

3.     Relaxes and Calms the Skin – We cannot avoid stress and other harmful environmental factors that take a toll on our skin, making it appear dull, dry, and unhealthy. Phytonutrients in plankton help soothe the skin and provide a calming effect. Works just like a natural spa!

4.     Mattifies the Skin –Thanks to its moisture retention properties, plankton extract can leave your skin looking plump and supple, resulting in a mattified, evenly toned complexion that will rival a Snapchat filter.

5.     Repairs Sun-damaged Skin. Our microscopic friends, the planktons, absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide so they can grow and be healthy. And some of these guys develop an enzyme that repairs sunlight-causing cell damage in our skin.

6.     Intense Hydration. Dry skin is different from dehydrated skin, which is characterized by redness, itchiness, and sometimes flaky skin. Plankton extract promotes major rehydration, which results in more supple and soft skin.


7.     Anti-aging. It jumpstarts the production of fibroblasts in our skin. As a result, not only does it strengthen our skin, but it also develops the kind of structure and elasticity that give our skin a youthful appearance. The best news? It also erases those age-betraying wrinkles and fine lines.

8.     Anti-discoloration. As we age, we develop skin discoloration that creates dark spots on our skin. The plankton’s enzymes work to cure this aging issue, giving our skin that beautiful dewy, even-toned finish.

9.     Prevents Blackheads and Breakouts. The plankton’s lipids regulate the sebum, or oil, production in our skin, therefore significantly reducing our chances of developing acne, blackheads, and other unsightly blemishes.

Convinced enough? It’s time to give your skin an irresistible glow by adding plankton to your skincare regime.

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